Monday, November 11, 2013


News from Sumner has never been more welcomed.  We received a short email on Saturday informing us that he is safe.  (See insert below) Having said that, we are eagerly awaiting news from Tacloban where the worst of the storm hit.  There are still several missionaries unaccounted for, including thousands of Filipino people.  Further reports from other affected islands indicated dozens, perhaps hundreds more deaths as well.

Our hearts go out to the families and friends of all who have lost so much.  Our prayers are with the beautiful people of the Philippines who have become so near and dear to our hearts over the past 18 months.

ay momma!
Our president gave us permission to email our families and tell you that we're alright after the typhoon.  The wind was reeeally strong. There was a dog that flew into our apartment compound so now we have a new pet. his name is Yolanda.  j/k!
 We did a service project this morning picking up debris and trash n stuff. Everyone was smiling and happy at us.  So grateful!
ANYWAY, I'm all good and I'm safe as a button. Is that the phrase?

LOVE YOU ALL, email you on Wednesday
sumna boah
 Images from neighboring island. Tacloban City was devastated by this week's deadly typhoon.

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