Thursday, November 7, 2013


He who hath eyes to see, let him read...

Sister Merry Ann was baptized by her husband on Saturday! They love the Church so much. They're getting ready to have a baby in a couple months and living the gospel is going to be the best thing they could ever do for him. What a blessing for their young family. In a year, they'll be sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. Greatest.

We had a Halloween ward dinner and the theme was "Pioneers" so every one dressed up and Kristal (our investigator) came. I explained to her that Pioneers were the first members of the Church in the 1800's who were forced to move and threatened just because of their beliefs. Kristal, with wide eyes, asks me, "If someone threatened to kill you because you said the Church was true, would you change your beliefs?" and i said "No never. Because I know it... what about you? What would you do if they threatened you?" and she replied "I would scream and run the other way!" hahaha
It was amazing to see how everyone dressed for Pioneer theme.  Apparently, their idea of what pioneers look like are a bit different.  There were a lot of pirate costumes at the party!  HA!

Sometimes we receive a Referral and the information is really vague, so we go to the general area and I feel like we're in a Bourne movie because we're looking around observing the signs and the people and the buildings looking for any indication for the person. hahah but when we find the person and they're willing to listen and accept us, it's the best feeling, because we know how it will bless them. I love serving here.
Let us live good lives and be sincere in our prayers, forget ourselves and serve old people and young folks, read uplifting books and eat delicious food, work really hard and seek inspiration.
Elder Mingus (from Columbia, Missouri)
Elder Mahaffey - (Chesterfield, Missouri)

Love you,
Elder Mahaffey

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