Tuesday, January 28, 2014

FERRR-EEEEEZING!! Jan.14, 2014

January 14, 2014

Valencia is so perfect, sometimes I literally question whether I'm dreaming or not, "Wake up, Sumner. This is too good" ha ha

This week, it rained and rained. I was the coldest I've ever been on my mission. We could see our breath as we walked. I finally broke down and bought a heavy hoodie sweatshirt for 20 pesos (about 35 cents) #BARGAIN. It was a funny sight, we wear beanies and sweatshirts when were in the house. There was no sun for 7 days straight, but this morning it's shining. It's still a little cool because we're up in the mountains but I AINT COMPLAININ.

This week, we saw so many new investigators. The thing is-- if you ask any person in Valencia if they want to learn about the Restored Church of Jesus Christ, 99% of them will say yes (even the homeless man that talks to pigeons in the plaza). The challenge is finding people who will actually follow through and keep commitments and go to church.

This week we met a young couple in the plaza selling plants. We talked with them and they invited us to their house the next morning. We went looking the next morning (there are no addresses in the Philippines, just general directions: "down past the broken coconut tree"), so we went trudging through the mud in the jungle and found them! It was a fantastic lesson. I really have experienced what it means to do this work with all your heart, might, mind and strength. Sometimes, I testify so so sincerely, and then I feel out of breath after the lesson, as though I have run a long distance.  It's a great, satisfying feeling. 
My companion is the best.  I ask him to just sing sometimes.  We've made a goal to make music a part of our work and we do it so well.  Members call us...the voice of Valencia...

Alright  folks, take care. I love you all and i miss you so much.

peace, love and Valencia
Elder Mahaffey

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