Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Familia and Amigos-

My goodness, Valencia is perfect. The only way I can describe the town is: I think someone a long time ago tried to create a Utopian society and Valencia is the product. There is a big plaza in the middle of town with giant trees stretching over the top, the streets are wide, there's a farmer's market.

The people here are the nicest on the planet. We were looking for some members the other day and we saw someone waving at us and assumed it was them and then they invited us in and welcomed us and we all sat down and they said "What can we do for you?"...haha they weren't members, just good-hearted Valencianos. Everyone walking on the streets says "good morning!" before we can. And random strangers offer us snacks. Almost every one is willing to hear us out and listen to our message.
We only had 4 days to work in our area before we had to travel back to Cebu for a leadership council. The drive was incredible. We drove along the east side of Cebu through these old beach towns with wooden houses.There is something perfect in the imperfection of this simple, paint-chipped, fallen world. You know?
My new companion is Elder Laureano. One of the nicest and most talented people I've met. He'll see an old homeless person on the side of the street and stoop down and put an arm around them and give them bread to eat. He's very Christ-like. and when he plays the piano, the heavens open. My goodness. He's the best pianist and singer. We sing in every lesson and i just lip-sync because I just wanna listen. hahaha the power of music is incredible.
We're looking forward to this transfer and opening up the zone. there's only 3 branches, but 20 missionaries total!! isn't that incredible. You really see how the world will be left without excuse. Work of salvation is hastening!
Love you all, and have a great Spirit-filled week.
Elder Mahaffey

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