Saturday, February 15, 2014

"A Change Gon' Come"


Brenda walked all the way to church (like 2 miles) with her two kids on Sunday, but when they got there, she thought it was too late and didn't know where to go in and we had already gone inside, so they just walked home. They texted us later what happened and we couldn't believe it. So after church we went and picked them up in a trike and came back and gave a her a tour of the chapel. It was so perfect, it seemed like we practiced it haha when we walked in, there was a member from every auxillary that fellow shipped them. It was a great experience. She's reading the book of Mormon every day and her life is changing-- she says her prayers are more sincere, she feels happier even with all the trials in her life. 

This week is transfers, and Elder Laureano is being transferred to the city for his last 6 weeks. I'm
ma miss him and his singing, and I know that Valencia will too. I feel bad for him because he is so sad to leave this area. There really is something different and sacred about it. 

One of the best things about this island is that it's volcanic so the soil is the most fertile which makes the fruit sweeter. Jack fruit, mangoes, bananas, ramputan, lansones...ah the best. It's a garden of Eden. 

Hope everyone is happy and healthy! I challenge you to make your prayers more sincere this week.

Elder Sum

Valencia Chapel

With Elder Laureano and sweet sister from Valencia Ward

Going to miss this companion ! 

Trying my hand at plowing the good earth.

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