Tuesday, February 4, 2014

F I N D I N G B R E N D A--

Dear Family,

You wouldn't believe our week even if you were with me.

Last Thursday, we set out to find the woman from the cemetery that I told you about. She had given us vague directions to her house in the mountains, but we prayed fervently that we'd find her. We finally came to an open field and an old man came out of nowhere, smiled a toothless smile, shook our hands, and then motioned to follow him, without saying anything. We followed him until he led us to a wooden house in the a clearing of trees, then he disappeared around the back side. We knocked on the door, and it was Brenda (the woman from the cemetery), and she saw us and grinned and clapped her hands and welcomed us in. "I've been waiting for you!!"....I don't know how I can stress enough what a miracle it was. First, that we met her, Second, we found her house...and third she loves the gospel. Oh we've been back a couple of times and she is great. The most receptive. We told her about baptisms for the dead and temple sealings and she said "This is the first time i heard that! That's amazing!" God is good.

The next day, we decided to take a motorcycle up into the mountains where we've never been. When we got there, it was quiet and peaceful and foggy. The first house we went up to, we were talking to a woman and she knew Elder Laureano. She was a less-active member who was in his ward in Davao...WHAT?! These are not coincidences. This is the Lord's work. Later, we tracted a house and they received us in and people came from all around and sat down and listened. They treated us like kings. It was incredible.

Saturday was Brother Hermano Montinod's baptism and it was perfect. He was humbly excited, just squinted-eye smiling. After the baptism, he got up and shared an eloquent testimony. It shocked us so good. Ah the best!! 

I love this land more than I can say. Words ain't enough. Heavenly Father is really a God of miracles. I'm grateful for the Spirit in our lives. Although he "does not always tarry" with us, he can certainly be with us more of the time than not. Continue to let his influence bless your life and guide you to the "heavenly city" every day. Let the presence sanctify you and guide you to those in need. I believe all of us have a "Brenda" in our lives who might be quietly suffering and waiting for us. We can be the vessels to bring the healing gospel of Jesus Christ to them. No effort is wasted!

Elder Mahaffey

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